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July 31, 2006


David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

Fanastic, fresh insight into the success of Apple. What I call a true "brand-led" business who indeed uses the brand idea to drive everything they do, not just communication. If everyone followed this inspirational example we wouldn't have to suffer the endless round of empty and expensive"re-branding" exercises.

Robert Birge

Someone recently pointed out to me that my response to your first question was "extremely stupid"

On re-reading, I agree so I'd like to clarify.

You asked: "What impact do you see Viral Marketing and Blogs having on traditional advertising agencies?"

My response was partially an attempt to run counter to the herd mentality but I was also directly answering the question in that I don't think ad agencies are going to do much. However, because it has become a critical part of media, opinion formation and has put an exponential broadcasting on what we used to just think about as "word-of-mouth" following a product experience.

I do also think that ad agencies are very good at a couple of things (at least) that will still have importance - 1) creating the single brand idea (not that others can't do this but advertising agencies can be very good at it) and 2) crafting video-based selling messages. Broadband conversion is helpful to creative agencies in countering the obvious erosion of their role in the marketing world. Very few traditional ad agencies have led the use of social media as a marketing tool, and it doesn't appear that that will change much so in a way my answer to the exact question you asked stands but for the most part, I agree with my friend who called it stupid. I should have answered "I don't know"

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