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October 29, 2006



That was a good entry, but I think Google is likely to evolve into something far bigger and if you like, more evil, than Microsoft ever could.

When Google bought the Usenet archives a while ago, I thought this is indicative of its desire to become the default interface to the Internet. Google has almost become that now, so the next step is to merge "GoogleNet" with your desktop. Soon, we'll have GoogleOS that boots into the GoogleBrowser, in which we run our GoogleApps which store data in GoogleStorage.

I'm not entirely comfortable with that model.

PS: Glad you sorted out the iTunes/iPod issues. I still haven't had any feedback from Apple. Remarkable, that.


I thought this was commonplace by now since I've been reading / talking about Google's similarity with every other big company who grows to be hated, just like Microsoft, for over a year now. And probably some other people were doing samething for at least another year when I started realising that "dark" path Google may take. Oh, and I remember reading, maybe 6 months ago, something about a protest in China with sayings "Google don't be evil".

Anyway, Google may never be worst than MS, as of popularity among computer geeks as myself. But if it does, I think it would first need to get bigger than MS and cast its shadow over it. Google may have some spotlights, maybe even second to Microsoft, but people prefer to hit the biggest one. And by then Google would probably have done a lot of problematic softwares as well...

After watching Pirates of Silicon Valey, I wonder what kind of movie will be done 20 years from now talking maybe about Yahoo vs Google.

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